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Learn a little bit about us. 

E3 Living stands for Energy, Ecology and Economy and is meant to convey a relationship between the definition of those terms and our purchase decisions.

Energy and its expenditure is the primary driver of everything we do. Ecology is our ability to utilize our natural resources in a sustainable manner. And Economy is the cost and our ability to pay for those resources. People experience the results of this balance without even knowing it. But when we put our mind to this balance we are allowing ourselves to become better stewards of the environment around us.

Since 2006 E3 Living has made it their goal to make a difference in how and what products are consumed and their impact on the environment. Fortunately for us, people care about the environment. It’s true. Ask anyone and they will tell you so. Yet, when it comes down to taking action, sometimes our efforts fall short.

We all lead busy lives, convenience is key. We also need motivation and education to remedy our concerns about the environment. E3 Living’s goal is to provide you with the education, product and resources to follow through with your good intentions.

One of the ways we do this is in supporting sustainable commerce and an environmentally-friendly lifestyle through our website by providing energy and resource saving goods that save you money and help to conserve our natural resources. Our current and future offerings include energy efficient compact fluorescent lighting, water conservation goods, LED lighting, solar lighting, electricity saving products, goods for recycling, reel lawn mowers and other home and garden products. All items that can help reduce your resource demand for electricity and water.

We are an internet retailer, so we don't have a need to show off the product sitting on a shelf with fancy packaging. When you order products from us we make every attempt to minimize the packaging on the products we sell.  That lowers the impact on the landfills and lowers the cost of the items we sell to you, savings that are passed on to you with very competitve prices.

With products that reduce the cost and requirement of resources and energies for your home and business, we believe that we will SAVE YOU MONEY on your utility bills, use less energy, require less from the our natural resources, and leave a smaller footprint on the world for our children and our children’s children.

We are not here to preach. So don't expect that we are going to promote "saving the planet" in our company mission. We just want to leave an impression that even the small changes can make a difference, if we are mindful consumers. E3 Living is interested in what you have to say about the website and the products we offer, and we always welcome new product suggestions. Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your visit, we look forward to your future business!

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