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Mirror, mirror. . . who's the greenest electronics company?

Greenpeace has released their 2008 list of the greenist (and not so green) electronic companies. Get the complete story HERE     7 Nokia – Clear leader after improving take-back in India. More 5.7 Samsung – Good scores on chemicals and e-waste criteria. More 5.5 Fujitsu Siemens- New dealine for removal of BFRs and PVC but still poor on recycling. More 5.3 Sony Ericsson - Good [...]

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A Landfill you can Eat!

Waukesha County, Wisconsin has put together a great learning experience for kids on the workings of a landfill.  And the best part of all is that they get to eat the project when they are done.  Have fun.    Edible Landfill   This project shows students the amount of engineering that goes into the creation of a landfill and [...]

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Save 500,000 barrels of oil cooking your spaghetti noodles.

One of my favorite authors, Harold McGee, is a columist in the New York Times and the writer of a feature called The Curious Cook. Recently, he wrote an article regarding how much water is needed to cook pasta.  Amazingly, aside from the fact that you may not need as much water as you think, [...]

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Old clothes...what to do with them

There is research that indicates that the average American throws away 68 pounds of clothing a year.  Why in the world would anyone throw away clothing when there are so many great, and easy, alternatives to getting rid of worn-out or fashion-challenged apparel. Here are a few ways: 1) Hand me down.  If you are not an [...]

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The Incandescent light bulbs is not going away, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't act.

On December 19, President Bush signed H.R. 6, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, into law (Public Law 110-140) -- The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.   A lot of people seem to think that the incandescent bulb is going away. It is not. However, the lack of efficiency that currently exists with [...]

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Chemical free and non-toxic toilet cleaning really does exist.

Is there really an environment friendly, non-toxic, chemical free way to keep toilet bowls clean? WARNING: A Scientific explanation about toilet bowl water follows: The water inside your toilet tank either consists of potable drinking potable or non-potable water.  These waters contain the ions of ferric and non-ferrous iron oxides, as well as calcium and magnesium [...]

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Calculate your energy savings

By now most everyone has heard of the benefits of changing your incandescent lighting to compact fluorescent (CFL's).  And now that L.E.D.s are becoming more readily available maybe you have been holding out for those (still kind of pricey though).  Wherever you stand on this, knowing the potential savings of making such a switch to [...]

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Cold showers not only save energy, they can keep you well!

Gwendolyn W, 54, of Baltimore, out of necessity had to take a cold icy shower when a power outage hit her neighborhood. What she came to realize was that this "icy shower" actually made her feel great afterwards. In fact, a year later she is still taking cold showers and claims they have helped her [...]

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Changing Fonts saves money.

$10,000 a gallon! Must be liquid gold. Nope! That's what it costs for the ink that is in your printer.  So saving 60% can add up to a lot of money according to a recent studing done by the University of Wisconsin.  By simply changing your default fonts on your printers to CENTURY GOTHIC (left), instead of the [...]

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Interesting Facts About Water, According To YOU!

People were asked, what is the most interesting fact or tidbit about water that you know, or have heard? Now, we have not researched the validity of these statements, but i think you will find them intriguing, and worth a thought.  We would love to hear what you have to say too. -Every 20 seconds a [...]

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