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One, two, flush! Dual Flush Toilet Kits are big water savers.

Water saving Dual Flush toilets have long been available in Europe, Australia and Japan and now they are finally starting to be recognized for their water saving capabilities here in the United States. While you can buy a dual flush toilet at some of the big box home improvement stores, a more practical option is now [...]

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Coming Soon. E3 Living for Professionals

Sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2011, E3 Living will be introducing a new division called E3 Conservation Products (e3conservationproducts.com) that is dedicated to the professional and institutional buyer.  In business since 2006, E3 Living has been increasingly providing environmentally responsible products to contractors, schools, building management companies and government facilities across the country.  We [...]

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Let's not take a step backward on lighting efficiency.

The House and Senate may vote soon on bills to repeal recently enacted energy efficiency standards for incandescent light bulbs that are due to take place next year. These standards are huge money savers for Americans with the average household saving $100 to $200 per year, or more, and helping to avoid approximately 100 million [...]

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What is amalgam technology in CFL's?

More and more manufacturers are starting to use mercury amalgam in their compact fluorescent lamps.  Amalgam, similar to what the dentist may have, or still does, use to put fillings in your teeth, contains a small amount of mercury.  Consequently, CFL's that use this technology are not using a liquid form and mercury and ultimately [...]

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A safer CFL. . .

Ok, let's face it, CFL's have mercury. There is no getting around it. Mercury is needed in order for the bulb to provide light. And mercury is dangerous! But not all CFLs are created equal. Some manufacturers are finding ways to use less and less mercury in each bulb. At the same time other manufacturers [...]

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Don't trash your CFLs

A recent study conducted in London has shown that 75% of people throw their compact fluorescents into the trash bin, instead of recycling them.  Aside from the toxicity issues of not recycling, the troubling thing is that this is in a part of the world where environmental issues concerning energy use have been prevalent for [...]

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Don't wait! Here are 10 things to think about NOW to deal with winter heating bills.

Ok, so technically it is still summer.  But it really is a good time to start thinking about ways you can reduce your home heating bills for the coming winter.  Here are our ten quick things you can do to get prepared for the cold weather ahead. 1 You're not the only one to get [...]

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Commercial Grade LED Christmas Lighting is Available for Residential Customers.

You don't have to be a professional or commercial building manager to take advantage of all durability and flexibility of Commercial Grade LED Christmas and Holiday Lighting.  E3 Living now offers commercial LED light strings available to everyone. Available in a wide range of colors and bulb-options to create dramatic effects. Rugged construction includes the use of [...]

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A few tips on saving money on air conditioning.

"Major heatwave in the midwest." "High heat advisory."   These headlines are coming and that means more air conditioning for your home, more stress on your A/C unit, and more money for the energy used to run it.  Here are a few tips to help minimize those costs and insure that your air conditioning is running [...]

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Your dog duties should include flushing the doodie

It’s important to properly dispose of dog poop. These are some facts regarding the health and wellness risks involved in abandoning pet waste:Dog poop is classified as a “non-point source of pollution.”If left on the ground, dog poop can infect surface water and groundwater.Dog poop contains parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms.Parasites found in dog [...]

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