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Raised Garden Beds

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Raised Garden Beds offer many benefits:  Here are our Top 10

  1. Weed Control. Easy to access for weed pulling. Plus, since you will be in control of the soil in the bed the weeds will pull out quite easy.
  2. Pest Control. The height can keep many animals out of the bed, but burrowing animals can be prevented by placing a screen on the bottom.
  3. Better Soil.  You have total control over the type of soil that goes into the bed.
  4. Portability.  Moving into a new home, or don't like where you placed the raised bed, you can move it.
  5. Higher Yields. Because you have more control over the conditions, like fewer pests and better soil, it tends to create better yields.
  6. Accessibility. For some people this might be the number 1 reason. Easy to pick, easy to weed, easy to maintain.
  7. Adaptability. Put it any where you want.  Raised beds don't depend on the soil that is underneath them.
  8. Efficiency. Provides efficient use of your seeds
  9. Longer Growing Season. The soil in a raised bed will warm quicker than in the ground, plus it is easier to cover in the fall and prevent that first frost from killing everything.
  10. Organization.  They always look neat and tidy, with very little effort.

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