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3 Water Saving Things You Can Do That Are Cheap and Easy


Doing these 3 things on a Saturday or Sunday morning can save you thousands of gallons of water and $100's per year.  And the best part is you can do them all yourself for about $60 in under 2 hours.

Winter is here and there are probably going to be some days where there is nothing to do but watch TV.  How about using that time to make some energy efficient changes around your home.  We have 3 ideas that can cost less than $60 but save you hundreds of dollars a year.  And you can install them all in less than 1/2 day.

1. Replace your showerhead(s).  Cost $15-20  Time to install: <15 minutes or less

Standard showerheads have a flow rate of 2.5 Gallons per minute (GPM).  With a water saving lower flow showerhead with a 1.5 or 1.25 GPM showerhead you could save thousands of gallons of water per year without sacrificing a good shower. Niagara EPA approved Water Sense showerheads are a good solution.

2. Replace your bathroom faucet aerator(s). Cost $2  Time to install: <5 minutes or less per faucet

Let's face it, do your really need a torrent of water coming out of your bathroom faucets when all you usually do is wash your hands and brush your teeth?  Standard faucet aerators use 2.2 gallons per minute.  You can replace them with a .5, 1.0 or 1.5 GPM faucet aerator and cut your water use nearly 80%.

3. Convert your toilet to dual flush model. Cost $100-200  Time to install: <2 hour or less

Long common in Europe and Japan, the concept of dual flush for your toilet is finally starting to take hold in the U.S. Flush one way for solid waste and the other for liquids. Converting can savethe average family of 4 nearly 8000 gallons of water a year, $180 or more in savings depending on where you live. Pretty much pays for itself in one year. 

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