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Don't trash your CFLs


A recent study conducted in London has shown that 75% of people throw their compact fluorescents into the trash bin, instead of recycling them.  Aside from the toxicity issues of not recycling, the troubling thing is that this is in a part of the world where environmental issues concerning energy use have been prevalent for quite a long time.  Makes you wonder what the statistics are in the U.S.

Of course, the English have their own way of looking at things as well as their own interesting, if not ridiculous, reasons for not recycling.

"If it’s just one thing, no-one’s going to drive all the way down to the [recycling] centre,"

"Now, I just put mine straight in the trash; there is a recycling centre, but the energy you waste in getting there is greater than saved by recycling it... there's nothing to stop it going into the landfill."

No they're kidding!  But recycling is an inconvenience for many.  Here in the U.S. many retailers are making it easier for you to recycle with their drop-off bins at the front of the store.  One suggestion that we make to our customers is to purchase a five gallon bucket with a lid.  Set the bucket in the corner of a garage or some out of the way place and use that to store your used cfls for recycling.  One trip.  Might be few years before you need to go, so don't forget where you keep the bucket.  And you can always check out earth911.org to find local recycling options in your community.

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