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One, two, flush! Dual Flush Toilet Kits are big water savers.


Water saving Dual Flush toilets have long been available in Europe, Australia and Japan and now they are finally starting to be recognized for their water saving capabilities here in the United States.

While you can buy a dual flush toilet at some of the big box home improvement stores, a more practical option is now available in the form of a dual flush retrofit kit. These dual flush kits work the same way as their dual flush toilet cousins, and under the same principle: - Why use a full flush when you are just flushing a liquid?

The One2flush and BetterFLush are both great options and can be installed for under $30

and about 30-45 minutes.  Models are available in either a handle (push one way for 1/2 flush, the other way for a full flush) or push button where the button is split to provide you with half and full flush options.

Nearly 40% of our home water usage comes from toilets and with the average household flushing a toilet 8 times a day the savings from utilizing a dual flush toilet can be significant.  Recently, an apartment management company in Ohio changed out 100 toilets in one of their complexes and realized a water savings of 174,000 gallons in the first quarter of this year.  That equated to a 31% savings in water usage over the previous year.

So what are you waiting for? Now you can save water, save money and with a dual flush toilet kit prevent an old toilet from going into a landfill (and that is not a pretty picture). Available at e3living.com

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