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The GU 24 lighting base is something you should start getting familiar with.


Ok, you have been good about changing out your energy wasting incandescents for compact fluorescents the past few years. Got use to a slightly different color and the fact that the dimmable CFL versions don't dim 100%. And you have probably heard about LED's by now, but they are expensive, and even though that is the future of lighting, you are holding off on purchasing those. In the meantime, many people don't realize that there is an intermediary lighting configuration that you may, or may not, be aware of, the GU-24 bulb base, or two-pin twist and lock. Next time you want to buy a new lighting fixture for your house you are likely to find that the bulbs needed are GU-24.gu-24-0-0.jpg Additionally, you may find that the store you purchased the fixture from does not have a very wide selection of bulbs with this base, let alone ones that are dimmable. So what's the story behind the GU-24?

This base was originally developed in 2004 as a way to standardize high-efficiency lamp bases. This base style provides a permanent way to integrate energy efficiency into lighting fixtures and allows for ease of replacement with its simple twist and lock feature. Since 2007, all CFLs using the GU-24 have to be qualified as Energy Star.

Additionally, more products are becoming available that utilize this GU-24 design. LED manufacturers have already introduced solid-state lighting products that utilize the GU-24 configuration in some applications. The simplicity of the design, ease of changing lamps, and the ease in which a fixture can be made to utilize GU-24 will certainly expand the adoption of this technology for energy-efficient lighting. Expect to see more products and hear more about this new lamp base in years to come. In the meantime, we currently carry a good selection of the dimmable versions with the GU-24 base, just in case.

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