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The State of the CFL, according to Energy Star


Do you want to know that latest on everything CFL's?  Last year Energy Star published a report called their CFL Market Profile.  It certainly contains a lot of useless information for the layperson, but interesting tidbits abound.   Despite the growth of Compact Fluorescents in the United States, their saturation is very low.   As of the date of the study, the residential sector contains 90% of the CFL appropriate sockets, but only has 11% penetration. I am sure that number has gone up in the past year.

While overall awareness is rising for the energy saving contributions of CFL's some states and regions are doing much better than others.  Of course you would expect the West to have a higher penetration, along with the Northeast.  But what is it with the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states?

And here is another interesting fact regarding those who are using compact fluorescents in their homes. The highest penetration by room is the bedroom, yet it is the kitchen, dining room and family room that offer the greatest potential for energy savings.  The bedroom is actually at the bottom of the list.   There are many more interesting and useful facts that may get you thinking a little differently about how you use CFL's.

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