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What is amalgam technology in CFL's?


More and more manufacturers are starting to use mercury amalgam in their compact fluorescent lamps.  Amalgam, similar to what the dentist may have, or still does, use to put fillings in your teeth, contains a small amount of mercury.  Consequently, CFL's that use this technology are not using a liquid form and mercury and ultimately providing a safer product. The primary advantage of this technology for the consumer is that if a lamp were to break there is no risk of mercury contamination because the mercury is contained within the amalgam.

CFL's with amalgam still require recycling like all compact fluorescents, but at least you can rest a little easier if one were to break. 

The other benefit of amalgam in CFL's is it allows the bulbs to be used in any position and in enclosed fixtures.  All the Neptun brand products we sell utilize amalgam technology.  You can learn more about how this works by downloading the file below.

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