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Your dog duties should include flushing the doodie


It’s important to properly dispose of dog poop.

These are some facts regarding the health and wellness risks involved in abandoning pet waste:Dog poop is classified as a “non-point source of pollution.”If left on the ground, dog poop can infect surface water and groundwater.Dog poop contains parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms.Parasites found in dog poop present an even greater risk to children.Parasite eggs can live in the ground for years.Cities across the country, including New York and San Francisco, have pick-up-dog-aluminum-sign-k-2271.gifenacted pooper-scooper fines.Throwing dog poop in the trash is not an ideal solution. 

Facts and statistics regarding the impact of animal fecal matter on the landfill.

The average person in the US generates about four pounds of solid trash per day.At that rate, the United States generates 210 million tons of trash per year.There are an estimated 44.8 million dogs in the United States.In a city of 100,000 people or 43 square miles, dogs can generate about two and a half tons of feces per day. That's almost two million pounds a year.A plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to decompose in the landfill.Water-soluble doodie bags are a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative for pet waste disposal.

What is a good alternative? Here are some facts on Flush Puppies.

Flush Puppies are made of PVA film, a water-soluble material that starts dissolving in about a minute, which also happens to be a hydro-biodegradeable material. The key in formulating the bags is setting the "solubility point" so that the bags are strong enough to pick up a semi-moist material (dog poop), but timely soluble enough that you can "see" the process in action and thus feel comfortable knowing that it will dissolve. In short, you don't want bags to begin breaking apart on the walk home and before they can be flushed.

The bags BEGIN to break down within a minute of being submerged; but they are not designed to fully dissolve right away, otherwise they would be pretty crappy bags for their intended purpose! (Pardon the pun). Takes about 48 hours for them to totally dissolve, but at that point, hopefully, they are at the water treatment facility.

If you let a bag sit in tap water for an hour you will notice it began to "slime," which is the first stage of the hydro-biodegradation process. Within a few hours, it starts to break apart on its own (and faster with some water motion assistance). Takes about 48 hours for them to totally dissolve, but at that point, hopefully, they are at the water treatment facility. Safe for septic systems too.

Flush Puppies can be disposed of in any standard toilet, saving them from ever hitting the landfill. Water from the toilet goes through a sewage treatment plant, specifically designed to remove harmful toxins from fecal matter. Flush Puppies are 100 percent biodegradable, so they’re an environmentally conscious solution even when thrown in the trash.

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